How to Pay step by step

1 . First add your products to cart , Then click on ( proceed to checkout ) for go to billing information page .

first step

2 . Fill all billing details and then check payment gateway , After this accept our terms , Then click on ( place order ) button .

2's stop

3 . Now check all your entered information’s and if all are correct , Press pay button .

3's step

4 . In webmoney payment gateway , select your payment method , ( wmz , btc , paymer or wm card and RunPay MDL ) are enabled for pay . if you have no webmoney account or can not pay with that , use BTC , you can send BTC to webmoney and webmoney system will pay to us wmz . After select you payment method , Press go to payment .

4's step

5 . In this page , You have to confirm your payment from webmoney account with sms or enum account ( if you select webmoney for payment ) . After this select ( Confirm the payment ) and end the pay .

5's step

6 . After pay success with every payment like ( btc or wmz or paymer and etc ) you will see this page with your invoice information . Select go to merchant website to finalize your payment .

6's step

7 . After success payment , you will redirect to our shop and can see your invoice and order . your purchased keys or gifts will show to you or send to your email after order status got completed .

final step

8 . In BTC payment option , you will see a btc address and information for pay it , Then go and send the btc to webmoney transfer system , after all success confirmations . webmoney will change your BTC to USD and pay to us . then you will see success payment invoice and will redirect to our website . After this you will receive all purchased keys in email or site account . If you have any question , tell us in skype or whatsApp .

Hello, if there are any games from steam, blizzard and origin that you’d like us to add to our website, please contact us via skype or whatsApp 

All of backorder products will send in 1-2h to your email address , All keys are purchasable .

If you are reseller or shop manager , contact us for get wholesale price