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Available: Out of stock

Destiny 2 game key in best price

Destiny 2, the acclaimed and award-winning first-person shooter from Bungie is back with a sequel!

Set after the events of Destiny Rise of Iron, The Guardians now need to face and defeat the Red Legion and Commander Ghaul, who caused their exile from The Tower.

New Raids, battles and planets to visit as well as innovative ways to earn powers and loot are in the game and new manners for you to meet the Guardians you will need to defeat the Red Legion! Only in Destiny 2

The original game was released 3 years ago and was acclaimed by the critic and the public. Now, Bungie is trying to blur the line between reality and virtual reality with the tremendous graphic overhaul the game has in PC.

With an extraordinary narrative campaign, numerous Co-Op modes, 4v4 ranked and 12 PvP game modes, the game gives you all the instruments to have an amazing time playing it!

Customize your character as you like and find people to play in Raids with thanks to Destiny’s Guided Games.

Destiny 2 CD-KEY will be distributed when the game launches in PC, October 24th.

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