World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth Eu


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Platform: PC, MAC
Language: Deutsch, English (EU), English (US), Español (EU), Español (AL), Français, Italiano, Português (AL), Русский
Age rating: 16+
Publisher: Blizzard
Region: Europe


What additionally gives you the purchase of the key: you will be able to raise the level of one of your characters to 110 levels immediately after the activation of our add-on key.

To successfully activate World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth, you need to have installed and activated the base game World of Warcraft and all previous add-ons of the game including Legion. You can not activate the add-in to the trial account. This key is an addition, it does not extend the playing time and is suitable only for the EURO version!

With World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth, you get access to the chains of tasks of allied races, which will then give you the opportunity to play for new races: Tauren Krutogorye, illuminated Draenei, Nightborne and Elves of the Abyss. To access these quest chains, you must have a level 110 character that meets a number of criteria in terms of assignments and reputation in relation to the faction that owns a particular allied race.

At the cost of huge sacrifices Azeroth managed to stop the terrible invasion of the Burning Legion. The wounds of the world are slowly dragging on – but the Alliance and the Horde themselves are not ready to forget their past grievances. A long-standing conflict flares up with renewed vigor. You have to gather allies, fight for the most valuable Azeri resources and fight on several fronts. In the flame of a new war, the future of Azeroth will be born!

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